Art not only reveals history through technical aspects. It also magnifies social changes and events, enhancing our understanding.
The film "Gemälde im Gespräch" promotes the "Summer of Modernism" exhibit at Münster's "LWL-Museum". 
With the assistance of motion design and AI, we literally made the paintings speak for themselves. We established an exclusive conversation between the distinct paintings and their history.
For this project, I collaborated with the agency Goldener Westen as a motion designer
Let it speak!
Why not let the paintings speak for itself?
The aim is to encourage young visitors to think and reflect on the important role and responsibility of the museum –preserving and presenting art.
Madame de Riau makes us look at the paintings with new eyes: By understanding their context and looking behind the scenes. She is a bridge between the past and the present.
Make it POP
Courage for creativity!
The visual language incorporates neon colors and poppy elements. Bold fonts, stickers, dynamic transitions, and animations are intertwined with the museums' artworks, forging a connection between the film and the collection.
AI was used to animate Madame de Riau, infusing lifelike mouth movements and narration. Additionally, illustrations and collage graphics, aligned with paintings, further enriched the animation.
Toby Mory – Motion Director, Produzent & Projektmanager
Michael Bukowski – Konzepter und Texter
Leo Rey – Creative Director & Senior Motion Designer
Meng Chang – Senior Motion Designer
Long Huy Dao – Motion Designer
Karolin Nusa – Art Director & Illustratorin
Dilara Schneider – Illustratorin
Philipp Koller – Musik & Sounddesigner
Nikolaus Radeke – Tontechniker
Maren Kling – Sprecherin
Francesca La Vigna – Projektmanagerin

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