You know that feeling when something seems familiar but you can't quite grasp it completely? That's what racism is like – we often understand it in our minds, but it's hard to truly feel its impact.
In my animated documentary, I'm tackling this idea directly. By using metaphors, I want you to experience the weight of the issue – in a way that's both intimate and thought-provoking. Translating my endless thoughts and reflections into an intimate portrayal of reality.
So many metaphors!
From metaphor to metaphor – Why everyday racism is still an extremely relevant topic nowadays?
Heard a thousand times and understood a thousand times. We're all aware of the existence of racism, yet not everyone can truly step into the victims' shoes. I aim to approach the subject in a deeply emotional manner. By employing metaphors, I intend to provoke contemplation and encourage a shift in perspective among the viewers.
Build your own picture – this abstract way of representation is unique and makes the topic more tangible.
The Triangle and Squares
How can you feel a triangle? How can you narrate this story in a simple way?
To tackle this, I designed two characters using basic shapes. I depicted myself as a triangle and the others as squares. It's just as simple as that – a triangle just doesn't fit into a square hole. 
An eye in the center, its outlines creating a body. Through lifelike animations, we can feel the triangle's struggles and sense its emotions.
In the story, the triangle is constantly tossed around and observed. It continually seeks a place to belong, but sadly that place doesn't exist.
Do you know my Asian neighbour?
Are you Chinese? Assuming I know every Asian in the world. Or speaking English to me as if I can't understand German.
This might appear harmless, but they're subtle instances of everyday racism. They might not seem explicitly racist. Yet for marginalized groups, they serve as constant reminders of not fitting in.
I'm consistently made aware of being different and having a distinct appearance. Despite growing up in Germany, my immediate appearance categorizes me as Asian.
Visual Impact: Conveying Depth
Bold images, shades of grey, and a lot of noise. 
These components come together to carry the weight of this deep subject. Through the noise and rough edges, my inner conflict becomes palpable. Bold imagery and abstract shapes form the metaphorical layer.
The lack of colours, using simple shapes and contours, serves to deepen the metaphorical layer. Within these visuals, viewers are invited to submerge themselves. Adding new dimensions to their thinking and understanding.
Shaping Tomorrow, One Thought at a Time
How can we change as a united community?
Just as my triangle unfolds across the screen, society needs to unfold its perceptions of racism. We're not spectators: We're all authors of this narrative.
Picture it like a triangle seeking its place among squares – each story, unique yet interconnected. It's time for us to repaint its canvas with the hues of unity, one brushstroke at a time.
Long Huy Dao – Creative Director, Script, Illustration, Animation
Tim Händel – Camera
Hand Könnecke – Music
Nadya Zhelyazkova – Music
Florian Dawel – Director
Leonardo Zentrum – Location & Equipment

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