Jewelry, photos, papers – the Nazis confiscated all the victims’ personal belongings on their arrest. Several thousand of these items from the concentration camps still exist today. Arlosen Archives now strives to locate the families of these victims and reunite them with these belongings.
The #StolenMemory series tells personal stories about the victims and their experience.

For this project, I collaborated with the agency Goldener Westen as a motion designer
Culture of Remembrance
How can we ensure that younger generations remember the Second World War? A dusty history book won't cut it. We need stories that are both powerful and meaningful.
This is why #StolenMemory was established. A meaningful global effort, focusing on a modern way of remembrance.
In short episodes, we tell the fates of people who have only left behind mementos. The challenge: A tightrope walk between facts and fiction. This is necessary in situations where the life histories are not fully documented. 
We want to tell their stories – their identities, physical features, and proofs of their bravery.
Through personal accounts, we imbue the subject matter with emotion and make it relatable. Dark imagery, with bold illustrations against black backgrounds and contrasting colours makes the brutality of past events feel tangible even today.
Andres Alarcon - Illustrator & Storyboarder
Cristina Tarpo-Wittich - Script and Copywriter for the animation series and the Website
Dilara Schneider - Illustrator
Dulcie Smart - Voice Over Artist (represented by Speaker Search), English version
Fabian Fenk - Support Sound Designer
Francesca La Vigna – Project Manager films
Karolin Nusa - Illustrator
Kika Klat - Art Director for the films & Lead Illustrator
Leo Rey - Creative Director & Lead Motion Designer
Long Huy Dao - Motion Designer
Luise Lunow – Voice Over Artist, German version
Meng Chang - Motion Designer & Support Illustrator
Nikolaus Radeke - Sound Technician and voice recording
Peter Becker - Voice Over Artist (Speaker Search), both versions
Peter Eglitis - Voice Over Artist (Speaker Search), English version
Qian Hao - Motion Designer
Lena Zagora - Motion Designer, Support Illustrator & Storyboarder
Roland Hemmo - Voice Over Artist, German version
Toby Mory - Motion Director & Team Lead Motion, Producer
Uwe Bossenz - Music & Sound Designer

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